Need some motivation? Let’s hear it from Shia Labeouf

So I was reviewing for our final exams this coming week. But because my mind has been anticipating the semestral break and the gloomy weather’s kinda not helping, it’s been quite a struggle to be awake and to stay focus on my reading.

My cousin and I have been encouraging each other to be productive.So we sought for motivational stuff. Then Shia Labeouf came along with this:

And even took a notch higher as he delivered a Ted Talk!

His speech was so inspiring he even did cameo roles in The Avengers, Batman and Space Odyssey!

This one’s pretty much a favorite, when he just suddenly appeared in someone else’s balcony 🙂

And this one’s gonna be my LSS for the week. 🙂

Thank you Shia for making my day! You were incredible! HAHAHA! 🙂

Yes, I will do it. Now, back to studying. 🙂


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