Status post 5th LEs

January 29, 2016


This very moment is the most opportune time for me to get a good night sleep. My brain, however, wants to have a good fart of thoughts so I’ll let it be.

So finally, 5th LEs (long exams) done. Yay! (Sabog confetti!) 🙂

I am relieved that exams are over for a while but as for the results, haha, tawa na lang ako, haha

How was it?

How should I say this? Hmm. Exams are way much difficult this time. 😦 Well, for me, I guess. I found Pathology, Medicine and Pharma harder this LE. I’ve been trying to contemplate about it. Well, hindi lang naman ako yung nahirapan so that means, mahirap talaga. Or probably because I was just not able to study that well. And by studying well, I mean, really understanding or getting a good grasp of what I’m reading. Problem is, for me to actually do that, it would take me a considerable amount of time. I have to read the transes at least twice to have something retained in my brain. But most of the time, I end up reading them only once. Huhuhu. 😦 Although I try to make sure that I was able to cover all of the exam topic, that is, I try to have at least a scan of every trans, even if it’s just minutes before the exam itself. #Scangalore. The worse part though is when I end up scanning a totally virgin trans. My mind is like “Ok, this one’s in bold font, this is probably important.” Huhuhu. 😦 I knoooow. It shouldn’t be like that. But that’s what usually happens to me.

It’s like in every LEs, I find myself applying a different approach in studying. Way back in first year, I used to read the upper year’s transes before going to class. It was helpful though, you know, I can follow the lecturer’s discussion, and I wasn’t lost. After which, I review the trans again by night, then advance reading for the lectures the next day. Problem was, the readings piled up, and I wasn’t able to keep up with such strategy. Until somewhere in between, I simply dropped that approach. So now, I go to class with the goal of listening intently to the lecturer and write down notes. It’s more likely for me to remember stuff once I’ve written them down. The idea is to revise my notes once I reach my place, and then review them. But sometimes, I don’t get to listen to the lecture if I find it too boring or if I no longer understand what I was jotting down since I was too sleepy. And it just messes my whole idea of having a compiled high-yield notes. Huhuhu. Recently, even going to class itself became a dilemma, especially when exam week’s ahead. I found myself asking, “Should I be listening to this lecturer or should I study instead?” “Should I skip this class or should I stay inside the auditorium instead?” So I just stayed, you know, attendance.

I really admire people who can do advance studying (for LEs). It’s something that I’ve been trying to work on to even before. I’ve tried doing so, but I only end up reading 2 pages of an 8-paged trans. And it took me forever. It seems like I cannot really trick my brain when it knows that there’s still time (talk about procrastination). But after every exams, just like yesterday, I’ve found that I can finish reading 7 transes and scan a sample exam within 8 hours. Had I done this way before exam week, I could have retained the information more in my head. I could have been more prepared in taking the exam. I could have been more confident of what I know. But the thing is, I cannot bring myself to review in advance and so I usually end up cramming. *Cry cry* 😦

Then LE week came.

For this LE, I tried reading the transes using my tablet, then take note of important key points in a non-ruled paper I know, ang arte lang. But even jotting down notes took time. I was only able to do that in what, first 3 transes, then just simply read through the rest. I use to print all of my transes then but seeing the stack of papers near my bookshelf made me decide not to have hard copies this time. Also, I’m the type of student who needs silence when studying. If I really need to concentrate on reviewing, I usually lock myself up in my room wherein all I can hear is the noise made by my electric fan and the ticking of my wall clock. Downside of which, inaantok ako parati. 😦 And the bed is just right beside meeee. Arrrggh. Most of the time, I succumb to sleep by 12-1 am and wake up around 4am to study again. I have to have some sleep or else I wouldn’t be functioning normally. All-nighter in a café or resto is not really conducive for me because I easily get distracted when I see other people or when I hear them chattering. I do drink energy drinks like Cobra but not coffee. I don’t drink coffee. Cobra’s pretty effective in keeping me awake than usual, but, come on, I can’t drink one every day for the long exams. It will definitely put a toil in my body if I do so.

Exams came.

Lalala. Ang lala lang. 😦


On hindsight, I’ve realized that week-long exams are much harder than those exams which depend on the pacing of the subject’s module (i.e., what other med schools have). Although it may seem that there’s a lot of time, these exams will test one’s discipline to actively prepare. More so, it is a test of endurance. Loading and unloading of information every day during exams is really draining. Aside from being stressed out, deprived of sleep and lack of decent food intake, you still have to go forth and take the exams whether you like it or not. There is no other way but to keep moving forward and endure more until after the much awaited last day of exams wherein you can finally reward yourself of anything you want. 🙂

Nonetheless, it has been a busy week. I couldn’t have survived it without God’s grace. More than the strength and wisdom that I’ve been praying for, I’m pretty much thankful that as I was reviewing and was taking the exams themselves, I was in good condition – no migraine attacks, colds, fever, diarrhea, hyperacidity and the like.

I definitely have a lot of things to work on to. And I shall brace myself for the next two months.  #DeathMarch

Di bale, kinakaya naman parati. 🙂

Okay. I shall sleep.

3:07 am.


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