About Juls

Hi there! I’m Juls, author of this blog. 🙂 I’m a twenty something Filipina who loves dogs, rolled pizzas and tight hugs. Hihi. ^_^

Back in 2013, I graduated with a degree of BS Nursing from UP Manila (UPM). And now, I’m taking up Doctor of Medicine at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMCI) 🙂 Yay, gonna be a doctor soon!

I’m quite fond of hearing inspiring stories and interesting finds. And my way to share them is through writing. Although school’s a bit demanding, in my free time, I write – whether in my diary, in my phone, or in any piece of paper. I just have to get the words out from my head. Haha! Writing has been one of my passions in life. 🙂 Words can stir one’s thoughts, evoke emotions and initiate action. They are that powerful. In this cubbyhole of mine, I wish to tell stories of all sort, may it be personal or by just putting myself in someone else’s shoes. I made this blog to inspire, motivate and also to just simply share the ones that I  find amusing or even heart breaking.

So consider this as my very own version of Buzzfeed, ThoughtCatalog and KevinMD.com. Hahaha! May you find this blog worthy of your time! 🙂


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